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Magician - David Klass in Eltham, New Eltham and Mottingham, London SE9

Magician - David Klass
233 Clockhouse Road
Tel: 0787 656 7181
David's magic is thoroughly entertaining and professional. His unique, modern and relaxed style blends with extraordinary comedy, magic and mind reading that is perfect for all your entertainment needs. Full of energy and experience David can transform the atmosphere at any event making sure that everyone has a day to remember. You will be seeing a top quality performer guaranteed to shock and amaze you and all of your guests.

So, why is magic becoming more and more popular? The answer lies in the combination of incredible fun, astonishment and pleasure that magic can bring to everyone.

People love to see magic, especially close up. Magic is a fantastic ice breaker and a magician performing magic right before your eyes is an incredible experience. Everyone will be amazed as David seems to do the impossible with various objects including cards, coins, keys, money & incredible mind reading.

David also specialises in children's parties and enjoys his shows as much as the children enjoy coming to them. The parties include magic, games, dancing, laughter, puppets and lots of audience participation. The magic is charming, colourful and above all tremendous fun. All the shows are designed so that you can sit back, relax and leave ALL the entertainment to David. You will feel safe in the knowledge that you are getting a very talented and proficient entertainer looking after your little ones!

mockYou will be provided with a fun-packed magic show, full of hilarious comedy, entertainment and excitement! There will be plenty of jaw dropping magic and life-like professional puppets! The children will be laughing along until their little bellies hurt!

So whether it be a wedding, a corporate event, a private party or a children's party, you can't go wrong if you choose to hire David Klass.

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