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Middle Park Community Centre in Eltham, New Eltham and Mottingham, London SE9

Middle Park Community Centre
150 Middle Park Avenue
Tel: 020 8850 2638
Vibrant, very busy community centre very well used by all members of the community. We have 2 mini buses for hire by local community groups and schools at £80 per day plus fuel. Beautiful 'Joan Currie' Hall for hire for parties, weddings, etc. Some 'group' space for hire. Massive amount of activities for all the community. Full Day Care, activities and residential camp for children and young people during school holidays. A fun and entertaining Breakfast and After School Clubs, Youth Drop In on Thursday & Friday nights, Community Lunch (elder people) on Wednesdays, Pensioners' Monday Club (with Bingo), Men's Club (snooker) after lunch on Wednesday, Cross Roads Care Memory Cafe on Tuesday. Come and join us!

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