Alderwood Primary School
Rainham Close
Restons Crescent
Tel: 020 8850 6841
Alderwood Primary School More info >>
Castlecombe Primary School
Castlecombe Road
Tel: 020 8857 1504

More info >>
Deansfield Primary School
Dairsie Road
Tel: 020 8850 1218
Primary School More info >>
Dulverton Primary School
Dulverton Road
Tel: 020 8302 3573
Primary School More info >>
Ealdham Primary School
Ealdham Square
Tel: 020 8850 5484
More info >>
Eltham Church of England Primary School
Roper Street
Tel: 020 8850 1528
Eltham Church of England Primary School More info >>
Gordon Primary School
Grangehill Road
Tel: 020 8850 5486
The Gordon is a community school with a part-time nursery. Our website is currently being redesigned so please email us for more details. More info >>
Greenacres Primary School
Witherston Way
Tel: 020 8857 4965
More info >>
Haimo Primary School
Haimo Road
Tel: 020 8850 4911
Community Primary School More info >>
Henwick Primary School
Henwick Road
Tel: 020 8856 8627
More info >>
Middle Park Primary School
Middle Park Avenue
Tel: 020 8850 8747
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Montbelle Primary School
Milverton Way
Tel: 020 8857 3909
MONTBELLE J.M. & I is a county primary school, this means that we operate within a framework which is set by Greenwich Council. They are a two form entry school with a Nursery class which offers fifty part time places. More info >>
Mottingham Primary School
Ravensworth Road
Tel: 020 8857 4181
This is a 2 form entry school with 267 pupils in 7 year groups. More info >>
All Saints Church Hall
Bercta Road
Tel: 0208 309 1159
We teach English and maths to children of primary school age. Individual programmes of work are prepared which take into account each child's needs to ensure their maximum progress. We also offer 11+ courses for Year 4 and Year 5 children which include English, maths, verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning. Please phone for further information and details of lessons. More info >>
Social Arts for Education
253 Eltham High Street
Tel: 02083002742
We are a home-ed study centre in Eltham, London, that supports the education and well-being of children aged 8-16 years old whoare being home educated due to bullying, autism or other related conditions. The majority of our students suffer from anxiety and are unable to access the wide range of home education facilities and groups available. SAFE provides quieter and smaller learning groups with a reduced stimuli environment. Our tutors volunteer their time at SAFE and understand the need for individualism, creative learning and respect for one another. More info >>
St Mary's Catholic Primary School
Glenure Road
Tel: 020 8850 7835
Catholic Primary School More info >>
St Olave's Prep School
106-110 Southwood Road
Tel: 0208 294 8930
St Olave's is an independent prep school for girls and boys aged 3 to 11 years. We offer a challenging curriculum within a caring environment and provide excellent preparation for the transition to secondary schools at 11. We foster the growth of children's self-respect, develop their awareness of the responsibilities to themselves and others and encourage them to take an interest in the wider world. Within small mixed ability classes, which cater for the needs of the individual, each child is encouraged and challenged to work hard. Our belief is that all pupils will achieve their More info >>
St Thomas More RC Primary School
Appleton Road
Tel: 020 8856 9153
More info >>
St Vincents RC Primary School
Harting Road
Tel: 020 8857 5134
More info >>
Wyborne Primary School
Footscray Road
Tel: 020 8850 4933
Wyborne Primary is a primary school that is happy, caring and secure, which values children's contributions and believes that the key to achievement is high self esteem. We promote respect, trust, understanding and tolerance within our school community. More info >>

Primary Schools